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job24hunt is The largest job websites in The Bangaldesh.

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You can contact us about any of the site’s blog. You can also communicate regularly published papers.

We earn from the website, which is to be spent on the development of the child. Let us give a helping hand to underprivileged children. Those who want to help economically our website, they contact us at the email.


Many children do not get the opportunity to study. Thousands of families live in remote areas, many people live in the northern part of the country’s major riverine Char routes and areas, they regularly fall prey to various types of natural disasters are to suffer, such as flooding. The schools are scattered sporadically here and there, difficult to reach. Also, many children born into poor families, so that they are deprived of opportunities. Moreover, indigenous groups, children, family, children or the physically and mentally disabled, minority religious way children deprived of education. Parents of these children and their children from generation to generation, and the poor are stuck in the poverty trap. Many children lose the opportunity to study due to child marriage.

We want to change these underprivileged children hold out a helping hand to these children.