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What is the role of China in the war between America and North Korea?

What is the role of China in the war between America and North Korea?

What is the role of China in the war between America and North Korea?. China will intervene if North America first invades And if North Korea attacks the United States earlier, the country will be neutral. This Friday was written in an editorial published by China’s statewide media, Global Times.

The editorial further writes, “At the same time, China wants to make it clear that if North Korea launches the missile and the US lands, it will come back to revenge – China will play a neutral role.”

‘But if the United States and South Korea want to change the rule of North Korea, then China will resist it. Because the political change in the Korean region is also a threat to China. ‘

In view of the growing tensions between the United States and North Korea, the two countries have warned that the most influential country in Asia. Earlier on Thursday, China’s other state-owned People’s Daily warned the two countries not to “play fire”, on Thursday, China warned.

The US and North Korea – both countries are advised to take steps and take part in the dialogue to face the situation arising out of an editorial published in China’s statewide media, China Daily. The editorial said that threats and counter-threatening threats of two nuclear-armed countries would never yield good results.

In this post published in China Daily, the US President Donald Trump’s ‘Fire and Fear’ is open and Pyongyang’s threat ‘America will be given extreme education’ – none is said to be good for the world.

North Korea has warned that the United States will be given “extreme education” in a resolution by the United Nations in the context of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test, by blowing up the threat of the US president by calling it ‘silly delirium’ last week. In a statement, North Korea has said that the United Nations sanctions ‘the worst violation of our sovereignty’

Nevertheless, on the last 4 and 28 July, two ICBM tests conducted North Korea. In view of this, the United States submitted a ban on UN Security Council resolution against the country. The proposal was passed unanimously last week.

North Korea’s export trade has been dragged by UN sanctions. According to the ban, the North Korean $ 300 billion dollar export could fall by 100 billion, experts estimate

After a ban on Monday, North Korea’s Foreign Minister Rie Yong Ho blamed the United States for the current situation on the Korean Peninsula. He said the ICBM test is a legitimate step in countering the threat of US nuclear weapons.

The North Korean Foreign Minister said, “We will not bring the matter of nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets to the negotiating table.”

North Korea’s foreign minister said, “The US will be given extreme education” if North Korea uses military power.

After the statement of the Foreign Minister, North Korea sent a statement through a permanent mission to the United Nations on Monday. The United States has been labeled as ‘insane’ and ‘desperate’.

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