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The last day of the earth is almost near

The last day of the earth is almost near

The last day of the earth is almost near. Earth is going to be destroyed in October of 2017. In the study of researchers David Mid, a horrendous truth has emerged. In his famous book ‘Planet X: The 2010 Arrival’, this hard fact came up in the book. A huge planet will hit the earth and shake the earth. The planet will be broken and it will be crumbled.

This horrific incident is going to happen in September and October this year. And this destruction is inevitably a burning proof. The world’s wealthy people have already created new bunkers to survive in this destructive situation.

In this context, the mid-said people do not want to panic, so people have been kept in the dark about this matter. The magnitude of the earthquake will also increase strongly. The amount of shaking will increase as much as you can. Theorists claim that there is a planet after Neptune, which is known as Planet X or Naidu. The theorists claim that the planet is going to destroy the earth. Earlier, in December 2015 and September this planet was going to be destroyed by Planet X.

Although NASA said that this issue of Niyuru is totally baseless. There is no evidence of this issue. If the planet is destroyed for the planet in October, then this planet will already be seen in the sky. This is what NASA astronomers claim. Source: Kolkata Twenty20

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Astronomers claim the surface of the surface of Mars, the basin, the cavity, the reason for the river bed, the heavy rain. Scientists say that due to the constant change in the weather, rain has increased rapidly. Thereby, there is a huge change in the surface of the planet. Such changes can be seen on the earth’s surface. There is a similarity to the geographic location of the Earth and the Moon with Mars. There are two planets and one satellite: riverbank, valley, cave, basin. Which has resulted in heavy rain?

Two researchers at Johns Hopkins University in America, Robert Kardak, and Ralph Lorenz say that to know the reason for the heavy rainfall and the loss of water from the planet, it must first be known how the planet’s climate has changed. According to them, during the birth of Mars four and a half million years ago, Mars’s climate was different. As a result of the high-pressure force the water was in the form of steam. After the air pressure decreased so much that the water

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