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Golden Opportunity for Living with Occupation in Australia

Golden Opportunity for Living with Occupation in Australia

Golden Opportunity for Living with Occupation in Australia. Australia always remains at the top of the list for the living and work of people around the world. So Australia is always a desirable country for immigrants. There are also reasons: Australia is always the best in terms of peace, discipline, social security, environment, jobs, costs, communication, education and medical standards.

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Australia generally offers six types of visas. In this, Bangladeshis can get the opportunity to work and live in Australia, including those working on ‘Working and Skills Visas’.

In Australia, migration programs have been identified by several sub-classes. Those are:

Sub-Class 189 Skilled Independent Visa, Sub-Class 190 State-nominated Visa, Subclass 489 Regional Sponsored Visa and Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visas. Visas are easily available through a few sub-classes. These include: Subclass 457 Employer Sponsored Temporary Visas, Subclass 186 Employer Nominated Permanent Residence Visas, Subclass 402 Training and Research Visas and Subclass 461 New Zealand Family Members’ Visas.

But Australia Skilled Migration and Subclass 457 Visas Program is one of the most popular programs in Australia. The program is currently closed. However, on some occasions, the program may announce new pub closures on the basis of some changes.

Australia Skilled Migration Visas

Under this visa, the applicants will be able to apply according to the qualifications of the engineer, IT specialist, accountant, auditor, architect, dentist, pharmacist, therapist, radiologist, nurse, sonographer, pathologist, electrician, carpenter, cook, plumber, welder, surveyor and fitter occupation.

Applicants must be below 55 years of age to apply for this visa program. If you are a four-year graduate or equivalent degree or a three-year graduate and a one-year post-graduate degree, you can apply. In this case, remember that any degree outside Australia is Australia’s
In order to equate, the candidate must have at least three years (two years experience in case) in the relevant field.

Besides, candidates must have more than six scores in each module of IELTS. But if any candidate has more than seven scores, you can get 10 points separately.

Subclass 457 Visas

Subclass 457 visa is being closed in next March 2018. Depending on the education, application visas may be available under subclass 457. Usually, people can apply for medical administration, IT registered nurse, accountant, architect, engineer, forester, teacher, banker, sonographer, dentist, physiotherapist and midwife professionals.

The benefits of this visa program will be employment arrangements with the visa. Besides, IELTS scores can be applied at least 4 decimal 5. This visa is available for a minimum of a minimum educational qualification. Another advantage is that before applying, there is a chance to get a visa before.

There are also a few more visas. They are among them
Business Talent (Subclass 132)

This visa is permanent. Approximately one-five million Australian dollars will be worth the appropriation. There should also be three million dollar business transactions and one million dollars foreign investment.

Business Innovation (Subclass 188)

This visa is offered for four years. Then you can apply for permanent residence. The annual amount of eight million Australian dollars will be entitled to the application. Besides, in the first four years before the visa application, there will be five million dollars for trading in two years.

Business Innovation Stream (Subclass 888)

This visa is permanent. For the application 12 months ago, two million Australian dollar business owners or six million dollars would be of both personal and personal wealth. In addition, in the 12 months before the visa application, the business transaction will be three hundred thousand dollars.


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